Türk Kahvesi Nasıl Yapılır?

Turkish coffee is made by using fine ground powder. You pour it directly into the cup without a filter paper. It is customary to serve coffee with a lot of foam. For instance, when the family of a possible groom goes to visit a bride’s family for an arranged marriage, the girl must absolutely serve coffee during the ceremony. And if it is very foamy, the girl is considered fit for marriage by the groom’s side.

 Ingredients (for 1 person)

1 cup of cold water

1 teaspoonful of coffee

Add sugar to taste

 Plain coffee: without sugar

 Medium coffee: 1 teaspoonful of granulated sugar

 Sweet coffee: 2 teaspoonful of granulated sugar



Pour cold water in the Turkish coffee pot (called “cezve”), and then add sugar and coffee. Stir it thoroughly. Let it warm up with low heat without stirring. When it starts foaming, pour a little foam in the cup and put the pot back on the heat. Let it foam again, and then pour in the cup.

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